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Helpful advice and ideas for hair:

How to Wrap Dry

This technique, which works best with short to medium length hair, is as simple as it sounds. You simply wrap the hair around the head as you blow dry using a styling brush or a paddle brush.

1. Apply some product to your hair and rough/shake dry until it’s about 80% dry.

2. If you have fringe, start there. Using a paddle brush, wrap hair across your forehead and follow with your dryer. Wrap in both directions – from left to right and right to left – alternating every few seconds.

3. Wrap dry the nape area in the same manner – wrapping in both directions. (Note: Wrap in a downward diagonal for less volume, horizontally for moderate volume, or in an upward diagonal for more volume.)

4. Gradually work your way up and continue to dry the hair at the crown in the same manner.

5. When you get to the front, wrap the hair over the top of the head for a little volume. (Wrap lower if you don’t want volume.)

6. The hair directly over the ear can be wrapped around to the back of the head or around the front of your head.

7. It is best not to look in the mirror when wrap drying as it can be confusing which direction you are brushing your hair. For longer hair make sure you brush it back to the middle before changing direction

Head Lice Advise

Head lice are small wingless insects, they reach 3mm when fully grown and are a grey/brown colour.

Head lice cannot jump, they can only be caught via head to head contact

It is best to check the hair when wet as wet lice do not move. Make sure your combs teeth are spaced less than 0.3mm

Head lice can be treated by combing conditioner through wet hair and using a special comb to work through the hair section by section starting with the comb touching the scalp and working through to the ends.

Hair should be combed through with conditioner 5, 9 and 13 days after the lice have been discovered (including on the day too!)

Medicated treatments are not proven to be 100% effective at removing eggs, they only work on live lice.

For girls in particular try to keep hair tied back so it is less likely to come into contact with another child’s.

head lice

 How To Do A French Plait

1: Comb hair so it is fully detangled. You can do this on wet or dry hair although wet hair can be easiest when starting out!  Comb the hair back and away from the face. Section a triangular wedge of hair, starting at the forehead and extending back toward the crown of the head.

2: Divide the triangular section into three even strands. Hold them in one hand, separating the strands by the fingers of the hand holding the hair. Cross the right strand over the middle strand, carefully shift the strands to the opposite hand, and then cross the left strand over the 'new' middle strand. Shift the strands back to the original hand. This is how the plait begins.
3: Next take a thin slice of hair from the right side of the head and combine it with the right strand, then cross this over the middle strand. Move  strands to the opposite hand. Do this then for the left side this time adding to the left strand and crossing over to the middle. Return the strands to the original hand.
4: Repeat step 3 working your way down the head to the name of the neck. Make sure you hold the hair firmly and plait quite close to the head to ensure a tight plait.
5: Once you've reached the nape of the neck you can either secure the bottom with an elastic band or carry on plaiting crossing the strands over as you did to start the plait off.. 

 french plait

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